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Maps for Base, Workout Locations & Parking Information

Posted by Katrina Wade on January 26, 2017 in Announcements

Map to our BASE for Monday and Saturday workout/long run location.
Spring Training, Beat the Heat, Fall Programs and Saturday Long Runs


The parking garage situated at the Council for Recovery at 303 Jackson Hill Street from 5.30 to 9.30am is available for Kenyan Way Runners each Saturday only.

Kenyan Way runners have permission and are insured to park in all spaces unless they are marked for CLIENTS ONLY  please take note of any signs or cones marking our area. 

You must exit the garage the way you entered in your vehicle (back out onto Jackson Hill Street)  - do not enter the Council's Property.

We also have permission to park in Patrenella's Restaurant Car Park - it is situated at 818 Jackson Hill Street (about 7 minute walk from base).

Please note that this is a residential area and that people are sleeping - so keeping noise to a minimum is appreciated. 

You can also park on the road around the base. Please note any "no parking" signs on fences erected around building sites. Please do not park over private driveways. Do  not park close to Memorial Drive on Jackson Hill in front of the signs.