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Race Goals for Saturday (1/15/2017)

Posted by Sean Wade on January 13, 2017 in Announcements

Hi runners.

It seems likely that conditions on Sunday will be less than ideal - probably mid-high 60s and humid.
With this in mind, you will need to adjust your time goals for the races.  
How much adjustment depends on how you handle the heat and how much you sweat out there.

Before giving my advice on what to do here is my perspective on running and specifically, marathon running.
You may or not agree with my thinking. LOL

Most of you join Kenyan Way to get faster or as you get older, not to slow down (thats me).

My goal for everyone is to have you stay healthy, to run well and, to be able to run for many many years.  
If you want to be running when you are 60, 70, 80 years old then the more 26.2 miles races you do the less likely this will happen.
You only have so many marathons in your body and much less great marathons where you run your fastest.  
Ideally, I want marathoners doing 1-2 per year and I am even happier when runners do less than that number.

With that being said, when your race day brings with it warm, humid conditions, what should you do?  
It is impossible to run the same time you had trained for (unless you underestimated your fitness or you thrive in the heat).  
You must dial back the pace from the start. 
Even in warm, humid conditions, you will likely feel good for 10 miles or so but then at 18 and beyond it is impossible that you won't pay the price if you did not alter your original goals.

Here is my advice -

Take a little extra time going through the water stations to ensure you get all your fluids even if it means losing a little time.
Also remember, never try to make up time the next mile if you have a slow mile - just get back on goal pace.

If you are only training to run a personal best time and don't care about finishing another marathon - dont run.  Do an easy long run on the weekend and look for another marathon soon. Sugarland has a Marathon in two weeks and the Woodlands Marathon is next month.
You may even want to run a hard 10 miles on the course if you just want to be part of the race

If your goal is to run and do as well as you can then adjust your pace as follows:-

Sub 3hr - add 10minutes
3:15  - 3:25-3:30
3:30  - 3:40-3:50
4:00  - 4:20-4:30
4:30  - 4:55
5:00  - 5:30-5:50

This means runing slower from the start - not waiting until you have to.

Half marathoners can take more risks as recovery is much easier and you can run another one in a month.  
You will still need to adjust a bit - maybe 10-15sec per mile or more if you suffer in warmer weather.

Personally, I am laying it all out there for 10 Miles and then whatever happens the last few miles I will live with.  But I have specific time goals I want to hit through 10 miles and hope to hold on and hit a few more time goals at 20K and the finish. (I am chasing several records)

Good luck to you all and remember you can't make up time the first half of any race -  It will cost you twice as much time the last third of the race.  
Stick to 5 seconds either side of your goal pace no matter how good you feel.  
You can Drop the Hammer the last few miles if you still feel good.

Good luck and thanks for training with us.

Sean and Katrina