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Recommended Doctors and Therapists

Posted by Katrina on October 10, 2014 in Announcements

As our weekly mileage and long runs increase, it is very important to take care of aches and pains or any potential injuries early - Trust me,  I have dealt with just about everything that a runner can be hit with and I have been to the best doctors around. 
I get emails all the time asking which sports doctors runners should see for different injuries/ailments,  so I have put together this list with information about Doctors and Therapists whom I personally trust and recommend.

Most running injuries are due to mucle imbalances/weakness and overuse.
These doctors/therapists can treat all parts of the running body as well as doing chiropractic adjustments.
50% off your first visit for kenyan way runners
713-629-9200 (or click on link above)

Dr Blumfield specializes in all things between the ankle and foot and has all the latest treatments available including shock wave therapy.
Offices in Bellaire, Katy, Memorial City Mall
713-467-1299  713-666-0287 (or click on link above)

Dr Adam Weglein is a leading expert in non-surgical treatments of injuries and pain including the very latest injection therapies ( including PRP, trigger point and  prolotherapy injections). These injections can dramatically reduce the down-time of your injury while you rehab and can often can get you back to running immediately
20% off some treatments for Kenyan Way runners
281-888-3416 (or click on link above)