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Spring Training & Boston Training Program now registering

Posted by Katrina Collins on January 10, 2019 in Announcements

Hi Runners

Our upcoming programs are ideal for both Boston-bound runners as well as those needing to improve their speed for the shorter Spring races.  

FACT:  The faster you are over shorter distances will translate to faster marathons later in the year.

As you age, your stride length continues to decrease, so it is essential you take time each year to focus on increasing stride length through hill and speed workouts.  

It is also important to take breaks from the marathon slog if you want to be running well for the next 20-30 years


Our Monday Hills will be 30 minutes, as usual focussing on good running form, building a powerful stride and being light on your feet.  
We will rotate in 4 different hill locations.

Wednesday Speed workouts will focus on Mile to 5K training doing the exact workouts I do in preparing for the upcoming racing season.

Runners with an upcoming marathon will focus more on tempo runs and long intervals.
However, if they would rather change it up with the shorter workouts I encourage them to do that.

Saturday Long Runs will be as usual with different running routes around Houston.

START DATE:  Saturday February 2nd, 2019.
We will have 3 group workouts per week:-
Monday Hills 5:20am group start   (Jackson Hill)
Wednesday Tempo and Intervals 5-7am  West Corner Memorial Park
Saturday Supported Long Run 6 - 9am (with start time as early as 5am if needed) Jackson Hill
(Saturday only option with training) is available at checkout.
We will provide training schedules for all marathons including Boston or the difficult Houston / Boston Marathon Double.
If you have any questions, please email us at
for more info click link

Hope to see you out there again in 2019!

Sean & Katrina