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Upcoming Programs

AED AED at all workouts and long runs, provided by Coady and Lewis.

2020 Marathon & Half Marathon

2020 Marathon & Half Marathon

Group runs start Saturday September 12th (start date extended and price reduced 8/04/20)

Start date subject to change depending on Covid 19 status

  • Join any time for the remainder of the year (currently 50% off) $60
  • Online schedules available NOW!!!!  Customized to you.!!!
  • Program and online training schedules end with 2021 Houston Marathon
  • For runners of all abilities
  • Includes customized online training schedule telling you what to run and at what pace each day  (includes two speed workouts per week)
  • Email Coach Wade with any question or needed schedule changes.
  • Saturday 6am Supported Group Long Run (iced water & gatorade every 2 miles on supported course)
  • Customized training schedules provided for your half marathon or full marathon.
  • Suitable for runners of all abilities. You should be able to comfortably jog 3 miles before joining this program
  • Cost: $60 (50% off)

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