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2017 Beat The Heat

Join anytime - Program will be pro-rated after the third week

Starts Monday, May 1st , 2017

Our most popular program, Beat the Heat is ideal for runners of all abilities.

Members continue to return every year looking to further improve their running skills while taking part in the fun and varied workouts created and shown by Coach Sean Wade.

First time Kenyan Way participants have the most to gain from this program. The average improvement for new runners is  over 3 minutes in a 5k. This equates to an even larger improvement over the 10k and marathon distances.

Come out and meet runners who share your love of running and share similar running goals.

Includes 2 workouts per week:

  • Monday Hills with 5.20am group start – includes warm up drills at 5:10am and 30minutes of hill repeats or intervals with hills
  • Saturdays Long Run with 6am group start. Those runners preparing for a marathon or running longer and can start as early as am5:00 in an attempt to beat the heat.
  • A 3rd workout is on your online training schedule to be completed Wednesday or Thursday on your own

What is it?

Beat the Heat is a summer training program designed to enable runners of all abilities to not only survive but also thrive during the long hot summers in Houston.

Workouts enable runners to improve their 5K, 10K and marathon times with safe, challenging, and fun workouts.

The camaraderie of other runners provides a supportive environment to help you reach your goals.

Workouts include his, intervals, tempo runs, fartleks and relays 

Dynamic warmup takes place before the main workouts which begins at 5.20am 

We guarantee to have you on your way within an hour of your start time.

Includes customized online training schedule for any 5k, 10k, Half or full marathon

What makes these workouts unique is that runners of all abilities are able to work out without being intimidated by faster runners because all workouts are run on looped courses (marked with cones) within sight of the coach.

When is it?

May 1st  – July 22nd 2017

Monday, and Saturday 

Where is it?

Runners meet at our base which is at the corner of Jackson Hill and Memorial Drive (East of Memorial & Shepherd Dr.) Workouts will take place at various locations on or near Allen Parkway. Click here to see a map of where we meet.

The Cost

$130 (join at any time – price is pro-rated and changed on website after third week)