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2018 Boston Marathon Training

2018 Boston Marathon Training

Saturday Only option available at checkout

Kenyan Way’s 2018 Boston Marathon Program consists of Monday Hill Workouts, Wednesday Speed Workouts and Saturday Long Runs. 

Online training schedules begin January 1st and we start group workouts/runs on Saturday January 27th.

Online schedules also include a Houston - Boston marathon double schedule giving you the suggested recovery runs between each before slowly and safely ramping the mileage back up

All levels of runners are welcome and accommodated.

The number one goal of this, and all our programs, is to keep our runners healthy and running.

We emphasize medium effort on moderate inclines during our Monday Hill workouts.

Controlled pace is stressed during scheduled workouts where the goal is to hit the prescribed paces.

Long Runs on Saturdays are run at a relaxed, conversational pace, unless Marathon Goal Pace is prescribed for that particular day on a runner’s individual schedule. 

Participants receive an interactive weekly training schedule designed for their own exact level of fitness.

The training schedule will provide a moderate increase in weekly mileage and long runs along with an exact pace/effort to run during workouts.

It is important to follow this schedule to achieve consistent, injury free running which is the key to a runner’s success.

Consistent weekly mileage, long runs and controlled hill/speed work are guaranteed to get participants in better shape.

Signing up at base when attending a first workout or long run session is also an option.

3 Group Workouts Each Week (Monday, Wednesday & Saturday)

Monday (Hill Workouts)

Morning workouts are offered with the group start time of 5.20am. - This means you should have done your warm up jog and drills before the workout begins  Instructions are given to the group for this warm up at 5.10am

Workout locations vary each week for the Hill Workouts - they can be up to 1.5 miles from base so you should arrive at base giving yourself time to check the board for the location and then jog to it.

If we are meeting 1.5 miles or more away from base then we will email you in advance to give you a heads up so you have the opportunity to either arrive at base a little sooner or to drive directly to the workout location.

Wednesday (Speed workouts)

We will meet at the WEST corner of Memorial Park closest to the NEW Memorial Drive Running Center from 5-7am.  You should start and finish between those times.

Boston runners may have some of their workouts scheduled to be run at Shepherd Drive and do their workout on the rolling hills there.

You should always check your own online training schedule before coming out to this workout so that you know how many miles you should be completing on any given day.  

Saturday (Supported Long Run)

The Long Run leaves our base at 303 Jackson Hill, 77007 (next to the softball field) at 6a.m. sharp. Some runners will start before 6am to run some early miles, others will join the group who will run downhills in a parking garage to simulate the downhills of  the Boston Marathon.

Everybody will come together at 6am for the group start.  

The Long Run Route is emailed to registered runners on Thursday or Friday each week but they are also available in printed form at the check-in table at base. 

There are water stations with ice cold water and gatorade every couple of miles on the route and we have support staff cruising the course to ensure your safety. 

We will have pace groups for 5:00, 4:45, 4:30, 4:15, 4:00, 3:45, 3:30, 3:15, sub 3:00 marathoners. The mile paces for these groups will range from 12:30-7:00 minute miles. All runners can run with the pace groups even if not training for a full marathon. A different course is mapped out each week and details are emailed to all registered runners. The course is supported with fluid stations every 2-3 miles and has a vehicle cruising to watch out for any injured or stranded runners. The distance of the course differs each week but “possible other distance” options are also emailed with a map. Runners will run the distance shown on their training schedule.