Mambu Baddu
"The best is yet to come"


This Sunday, I ran a PB in the marathon at 3:54, an improvement of nearly 14 minutes from last year’s. When I signed with KW, my goal was a sub-4 (3:59:59). Unlike other training cycles, this time, I followed the plan almost to a ‘t’. I managed to stay injury free and felt stronger each time I finished a workout. The Kenyan Way training really does work! Not only did I meet my goal, but I beat it by 6 minutes!! I went out conservatively, and finished strong. I attribute this to your good words of wisdom, especially practicing the negative split during marathon simulation runs. See my results below. Thank you so much! I plan to be back for my next race. With gratitude,Gaby Ramirez

Thank you Sean and Katrina!!!

The MetaSalt and the CarboPro saved me during the run.   I didn't cramp at all and had a good run and met my goal of 3:30:00.        I ran 3:29:38!!!!!!

Congrats Sean to your amazing run of 1:12!!! Incredible and unbelievable proud to have you as my Coach!!!   Love you guys and see you soon!

Sally Hall January 2017

Thank you for all your advice and training program this year and thank you for the last minute CarboPro MetaSalt pills!!
I was able to push through the weather and get a PR of 3:12 and was able to place 25th overall female, I would not have been able to do that without the support of Kenyan Way.  

-Katrina Coulter January 2017

Sean and Katrina,
Thanks for taking time to give all this advice and encouragement. I am not running this marathon, but ran three last year, two in the fall. Thanks to The Kenyan Way, I ran the last two with no injury and improved my time. I’m 52 and have only been running a little over two years - without The Kenyan Way I know I couldn’t have done it. Hills on Monday, supported runs on Saturdays, and seeing that others have done it and many are still running late in life helps a ton.
Thanks to both of you for all your support to all of us - waiting with keys, weather updates, cute clothing each year, stretching, covered garage hills, words of encouragement on those mornings when it’s dark and cold and hills are difficult…. we don’t pay enough for all you do! :)
Eager to start on a new season! My next marathon is April 9.
Thanks again,
Michele Rector January 2017

Hi Sean and Katrina,

I wanted to thank you for an excellent “Beat The Heat” summer session!  This was my 9th summer running in this program and as more of a “Masters” age 5K runner your training really helped me again this year.  I ran 26:15 in a May race, 25:17 at the Heights race in June, and 24:06 at a July race a couple of weeks ago.  I am age 61 and have been running since college days 40 plus years. Your program helped me run sub 21 minute 5k’s  9 years ago but the aging process has taken its toll!  The hills, intervals and long run model has been a great one for me.  The specifics of stride rate, stride length, and other physiological running form details have been very helpful. 

 I just wanted to pass on my thanks for what I think is the best run program in Houston.


Al Holland

Alan Holland - Beat the Heat 2016

I want to say thanks so much again for awesome training. Y'alls encouragement, advice and workouts can't be beat! It has been amazing to train with y'all for so many  years. 
I had a great race! My time was 3:31:03 which was almost a 9 min PR. I also got my very first Boston Qualification. I technically qualified in the fall but only by a few seconds--this time by 9 minutes! Also I got 3rd in my age group! (35-39). Thanks again for all your support.
Camille 3/5/16

Camille B - Boston/Spring Training 2016
"Just wanted to share my results from the Turkey Trot 5k yesterday I ran my fastest recorded time so far and won 2nd in my age division.  My average pace was 7:50 and for me that is very significant since I did 9:01 at the Ten for Texas and haven't gotten below 8:30 on any previous race.
I haven't done anything different in my training - except take your bootcamp for the last 2.5 months.  So I know that it was the bootcamp that made the difference.  It's a great program - please keep on doing it!" 
Marie H, Boot Camp 2012

I am so thankful for the Kenyan Way. After law school, in 2003, I started running races. I really enjoyed running for a number of years. Around 2008, I stopped running for a variety of reasons. I fell further and further out of shape. This year, I decided to participate in the Beat the Heat program. I know that I am one of the slower runners in our group; but, I really enjoy every aspect of the Kenyan Way program. In January, I ran the Chevron Houston Half Marathon in 2:27:50. Yesterday, I ran the Houston Half Marathon in 2:17:14

I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for this outstanding program.

Best to you,


Rachel - 2014 Beat the Heat and Fall Training Participant
Amy, Fall Training & Boot Camp Participants 2012
"Thank you so much for the three months of  fantastic running form boot camp. I can truly say and (can speak for Marti as well) that it has greatly improved my running.  I just ran a 10K and was concerned that I hadn't put the miles in I would have liked. Much to my surprise I ran a PR. Martha had a great race as well. I truly believe Kenyan Way was the reason for my PR.Just a few things that have stuck in my head during running: Lean Forward. my favorite: Knee up.  Toe up. Drive the knee through. Relax the arms. 
Marti and I truly appreciate your hard work, time, dedication and patience  to help us become the best injury free runners we can be." 
Amy, Fall Training & Boot Camp Participants 2012

Just wanted to drop a quick note that Aaron and I both PR-ed at Marine Corps this past Sunday. Aaron at 4:27 and me at 4:10. I bested my Philadelphia PR by 7 minutes. I could have done a little better if not for the combo of headwind towards the end and steep hill close to finish. 

Thanks a million for the AWESOME hill training and speed workout programs!!! You ROCK!!!




Ann - 2014 speed and hills Participants
Hi Sean! This is my 2nd year in the KW program and it has helped tremendously!! I had a PR and BQ last weekend in the Houston marathon! My time was 3:32:52. Which is 6 minutes faster then my previous year! I truly believe in the KW program and can't wait to continue training! Thank you so much for helping me qualify for Boston!! My new goal is 3:29! :) 

Amanda Gonzalez - 2013 Fall Marathon Program Participant

"I loved boot camp!  It was amazing.  I am probably the oldest and slowest but I am in much better shape than I was when I started in September.  I had a lot of foot issues when training for the 2011 Houston Marathon and really fell off of running after that.  This program has encouraged me that I might could train again for a half marathon." 

Tonja M, Boot Camp Fall 2012

I have been a long time Kenyan Way runner since 2005. Sean’s varied all year training plan simply works. Period. Sean constantly reinvents and introduces new workouts, new workout locations (Bayou Bend, Depelchin for hills) and new fitness programs (running boot camps) that helps even runners who have been running for a long time drop their times and set PRs. His emphasis on Progressive Runs, medium distance threshold runs, marathon simulation long runs and emphasis on stronger core and running form through the running boot camps,  have helped me improve my running times significantly – so much so that I recently improved my marathon PR by 8 minutes, in my 13th year of marathon running. His emphasis on progressive and threshold runs have really helped me maintain the race pace in the miles 20 and above and I don’t slow down significantly on those miles anymore, like I used to before Kenyan Way. I attribute all of my progress and PRs in the last several years to Kenyan Way. Thank You Sean, Katrina and Kenyan Way!  -  from Subbu Venkat

Subbu Venkat - 8 Year Kenyan Way veteran posts best time ever!

I just want to thank you for the Spring training.  I ran a half marathon on Sunday and cut almost 9 minutes from my previous PR from January!  I will definitely sign up for the next training session to train for a full marathon and will be recommending your program to anyone who is interested in training. Thank you for making my run a success! 


Becca Smiley - Spring Training 2014

I wanted to let you know that I improved my marathon time by just over 20 minutes after joining your program in early November.  I ran my first marathon in late September, running just over a 3:56 marathon, and this past Sunday in FTW I ran just under a 3:36 (on what I perceived to be a hotter/tougher course).  I didn't commit to the marathon or a proper training program until mid-December so needless to say your program is top notch. 

Brent Clark - Fall Marathon Program 2014

Sean and Katrina!

I just wanted to send all of my thanks for the wonderful work you all do with Kenyan Way.  My first marathon this past weekend went very well! My body felt great through out and after.  I had heard nothing but positive feedback from current and previous members or participants and I can now proudly say I understand.   

I look forward to joining you all in the future for more running fun
Brittany Garza - Fall Training 2014

Great program. At 49, I did a 1:36.  My last race at 42, I did a 1:39.  Your program was great!

David Huff - 2014 Fall Program

Sean and Katrina,

I want to thank you guys so much for another great season.  Thanks to your great training, I was able to achieve the goal I set out to do.  I wanted to get back to my 1:55 and change days (9 years ago)  and that I did, 1:55:38.  Now I have a new goal is to beat my husband’s PR for next season, just about a minute faster.  Thanks again for everything your training works so well with me and my life personally. 

Monica K - Fall Speed & Marathon 2014

Beverly Handy has run many marathons in her time but has always suffered stomach issues towards the end of every single race. 

This year, after using carbopro products as her pre-race fuel as well as during the marathon, Beverly had more energy and no stomach stress enabling her to easily qualify for Boston 2014.


The Fuel Worked!

This is Jesse Sarabia. I just wanted to say, I really appreciate all your efforts working with us weekly. After running my second fastest marathon, this past weekend in Chicago (60 secs slower than my PR / 3 minutes faster than my marathon) has proved how important the weekly hill and speed workouts are. 

Luckily, I negative split the second half of the marathon and progressively ran faster each mile starting at mile was one of my best runs...felt great and finished strong. Which is all the reasons, I run with The Kenyan way - positive results, if you are willing to do the work. 

Thanks again. 



Jesse S - Fall 2014 Speed and Hills

Michele Garza and I  ran the Wounded Warriors ½ marathon in Irving and had a great race. It was hot and raining yet we managed to improve our times by 9 minutes
The course is supposedly flat but we beg to differ. . . and so did other runners from the gulf coast area. 
Kenyan Way’s Hill workouts  and Speed Work really helped us to improve our time!!

Stephanie Kim Rocha 2014 Beat The Heat Participant

Katrina and Sean,
2:52 is not bad for me! Thank you for all the support with the long runs and hills. This season we had long runs during high temperatures, cold temperatures and hurricane like conditions. I was ready for whatever weather the marathon was going to bring

Claudio - 2014 Fall Speed & Marathon
"Today I ran a test 5k to see how I have progressed since getting back into running in Jan... 12 weeks ago, ran the Texas Med Center 5k in 27:15 and was a good race, even paced, fully spent at end. Today I ran the Cinco de Mayo 5k in 22:40.  Good even paced race (7:10, 7:17, 7:20 + kick), felt great, was spent at end but not dead, there is more there... speed is very much back" 
Andre D, Spring Training 2013

I got a pr in Boston and requalified with 3:44.57.  Bettered my previous time of 3:53.07!   Thanks for helping me improve!!!

Diana Carter - Boston Marathon Program 2015

 have been with KW for a few years now and wanted to let you know that I just returned from Antarctica to run a marathon on the seventh continent to complete my goal of having run a marathon on each of the seven continents. Goal accomplished! No doubt, my training with your fabulous program has made all of this possible. I am very grateful to both of you and everything you are doing for the runners of Houston.

Matthias Henze - long time Kenyan way runner
Amy Hubbard & 4 friends - Spring 2015

Kenyan Way’s program, and Sean’s advice, allowed the fulfillment of a dream,  5 personal records and zero injuries in running the Paris Marathon.  I’d recommend this program to anyone wanting to run in the safest and most effective way.

Amy Hubbard & 4 friends - Spring 2015